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The lenses I use are the Leitz Photar (25 mm), Zeiss Luminar (63 mm) and an Olympus macro lens (20 mm), some of them obtained on the second-hand market. A bellows of the kind made for use with SLR cameras works well as an extension tube. Adapters mount the lens with the RMS-head. At the camera end, an extension tube modified with a photo ocular is used and connected to my Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera. A digital single-lens-reflex camera would be an alternative if it can operate in the manual mode. The camera is triggered by an electrical remote control. The light sources are not shown in figure 1. Fiber optic devices and small halogen parabolic mirror lamps are useful for specimen illumination. As many as five or six different light sources can be used, most of them fitted with small diffusion screens.

ライツフォタール 25mm、ツァイスルミナー 63mm、オリンパスマクロ 20mm だそうです。
ルミナー 63mm は欲しいな。eBay で買おうかしら。
RMS マウントじゃなかったかな。

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